Shorts: The Weekday Rejuvenation

That catharsis. That beautiful catharsis. When you’ve had a bad day, at the end of a bad week, and you’re looking for something to extinguish that impending dread of… Well any exertion.

Wow, any extra exertion in any direction at this point could push you over.

When it’s all piled on top of you, and you know you only need to make it to the weekend for some rejuvination, but it seems so far away no matter how long it is… And then…

You have a night. You have a night that cuts your wait short. For suddenly some release has come home to roost, earlier than you thought you’d have to make it.

And what does that for you? What gets you there early?

For me, it’s a cold beer, a book, some music and a warm blanket on the couch.

It seems so simple, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. There may be no beer, there may be no songs that move you, or no words that touch you.

But when it happens… When all those little pieces fit into place… Oh boy…


Published by

Dalriada Highlander

Attempting to understand the universe, and the place of consciousness within the uncertain nature of the universe.

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