Shorts: You Don’t Have To Be Diamond, Everyday

Diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth. They’re considered the magnum opus of mineral. Their integrity is strong, and their beauty is astonishing. A sight to behold, and a desire to be. But this; you know.

For a lot of us, we use this as an example, as a standard in which to conduct ourselves. In fact those who strive to be good, to do their best have probably at one point of another considered, or assigned themselves the mantra:

“Diamonds are formed under pressure.”

Which makes sense. The strong are only formed through adversity. Arguably anything is only shaped through adversity. If you already fit the mould, you probably aren’t going to change. We keep life long friends who have helped us through tough times, whereas friends we see only in celebration, come and go as fleeting as those times of jest.

However, there is something easily overlooked, or perhaps misunderstood with our comparison to the gem in question. Diamonds may be formed under pressure… but being the hardest substance on Earth, does not make it indestructible.

Jewellers still shape diamonds into pretty cuts. A sharp knock in the right weak spot, and they will break, and shatter into tiny little shards of un-salvageable. Expensive dust, on the floor.

And while fragmented diamond can be replaced; you cannot. Snowflakes will repeat their patterns, long before a you that is not you will be found.

So take care of yourself.

You should strive to be good. Aspire to be great. But remember to take sixty minutes. Everyday that is. At least. Have a bath, or a cup of tea. Listen to music, read a book, or watch a “nothing” TV show. Let nothing distract you. Do not feel guilt, do not think of what needs to be done. Think only of you, for sixty minutes.

And if that which you are striving for, is ultimately unattainable. Forgive yourself. Allow yourself a mistake or two. Allow yourself a mistake or two, regularly.

Not everything you do, has to succeed. Not everything you do has to be flawless. Not everything you do has to be great. Not every word must be well placed, not every syllable well said, and not every emotion entirely due.

Not everything you do has to be completed, and finished, and perfect.

There is no rule; there is no contract you’ve signed your name on to to say you can’t just stop whatever you’re doing, right in the mid-


Published by

Dalriada Highlander

Attempting to understand the universe, and the place of consciousness within the uncertain nature of the universe.

7 thoughts on “Shorts: You Don’t Have To Be Diamond, Everyday”

  1. This was an amazing post with great advice! It was just what I needed to read. I am so good at taking care of everyone else, but normally fail taking care of myself. I appreciated this post more than I could ever say! U an excited to read more of your posts! I hope you week is going well and I hope you have a good day tomorrow!!

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    1. What a beautiful comment to wake up to. I’m so glad you could take something from it, including some well deserved “you” time. Thank you for your kind words, I hope your week has started off as positive as yourself and means to continue that way!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The way you compare our human life with diamond is commendable. Your advices are powerful and inspiring. The contrast between the lines “They’re considered the magnum opus of mineral.” and “A sharp knock in the right weak spot, and they will break, and shatter into tiny little shards of un-salvageable. Expensive dust, on the floor.” is so meaningful. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you again for such kind words. It’s so wonderful to know that you took something from this piece. This comment in particular made my day – because you pointed out something I was so desperately trying to say. It takes years to make diamonds this strong, and yet still without proper care they can be broken, and they will be as valuable as glass scattered amidst a thick carpet. Hence, the picture attached to the article is not of diamond, but of glass.

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      1. That is such an amazing, so well though and in depth idea……about diamonds turning into shattered glass and your purpose of attaching a picture of glass and not diamond. πŸ™‚
        Well, no wonder you are an amazing person with such beautiful words. I’m glad I found my way to your blog. Keep writing. For somewhere in the world, you never know, you might be encouraging someone to live another day with such beautiful words of yours. I appreciate the effort you put in writing this amazing article. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much again, you really are too kind, and you’ve successfully rooted a smile to my face.
          I can guarantee you that you have at least made one persons day brighter. Very much inspired now, so thank you once more!

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