A lone wanderer, staring out onto a lake - with a valley ahead of them.

“I feel as though I haven’t really done anything…”

Isn’t it so interesting, that of the people we are kind to; often ourselves is not one of them?

How often, would you say that you can look at the accomplishments of others, and revere in astonishment, and yet upon self-reflection, you appear to see nothing to remark on the path behind you?

Even when others praise your accomplishments – or perhaps even simply your character – still there is a fog of doubt which seems to rarely clear. And so although you have done so many things, and many things right, it would appear to you that you have done nothing at all.

Perhaps next time you look at the person staring at you behind the glass, you should see them as others do; without the filter of you.


Published by

Dalriada Highlander

Attempting to understand the universe, and the place of consciousness within the uncertain nature of the universe.

2 thoughts on ““I feel as though I haven’t really done anything…””

  1. I love this! I actually had a conversation about this with my counsellor the last time I saw her, and she made a good point which was to remind me to look at my life in its own right, rather than comparing it to other people’s. It really helped me to see I wasn’t doing too badly!

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    1. Comparison is ultimately the enemy of joy. If we compare ourselves to someone and we think we’re somehow better than them, we’ll developer feelings of guilt, or hubris, or elitism. If we compare ourselves to others and feel we’re worse off, we’ll have just removed happiness from our lives for little to no discernible reason. Replace it perhaps with an inferiority complex, which is silly.

      Everyone of us is fantastic, in our own unique respects, and thinking otherwise does nothing for anyone.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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