4 thoughts on “You Are Action, Not Thought. And That’s The Way It Is.”

  1. I’m a take action type person but I’m currently finding myself in a position that I can’t. It’s exceptionally frustrating!
    It seems much of what’s going on right now is more about social media popularity and less about the facts. That’s a disturbing thought ….

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    1. It’s an interesting thing to say; because I would assume you mean that it’s not so much that you can’t, but its that the consequences outweigh the benefits in your mind. I think this is where the changes need to come from. Everyone is so resigned to a perceived futility of it all, that we’ve just stopped trying. It’s much easier to be enraged, believe it’s resolved or that something else is conspiring to stop it being resolved in the here and now and then move onto the next thing and repeat the cycle; than it is to actually deal with the root of the issues.
      It is a disturbing though; where subjective opinions or illusions are allowed to alter objective fact.

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      1. Actually it’s really because I can’t, I have a chronic issue that is currently kicking the cr@p out of me. *sigh* This would be more in reaction to your comments about people changing their own lives and moving forward. Work, exercise etc.

        As to the rest of it, I speak out when I can, try to encourage people to look further and think for themselves. It’s harder to reach out when you can’t leave the house … I’m not one to stop trying, I look for solutions not complaints. Right now however, I literally can’t move without pain.


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